Welcome to the 2016 HHRAM Healthcare Wage & Salary Survey!
General Information

Denarius Human Resources on behalf of the Healthcare Human Resources Association of Minnesota (HHRAM) is pleased to invite your participation in the 2016 HHRAM Healthcare Wage & Salary Survey!

Participation Deadline EXTENDED: February 29, 2016
Report Distribution: April 20, 2016


This survey is designed to meet the compensation data needs of healthcare organizations in Minnesota and the immediate surrounding states (IA, ND, SD, and WI) and covers 445 positions including executive, management, professional, clinical, technical, and clerical positions. See below for a complete list of survey positions and sample report pages.

It is competitively priced starting at $190 for clinics/LTC organizations and $425 for hospitals/health systems. Each participant who purchases the results report also receives a complimentary Participant Profile Report. See the Participation Form for more details.


We look forward to working with your organization and would be pleased to answer any questions you may have!

Survey Information and Participation Materials

Click on Participation Form link below and SAVE IT TO YOUR COMPUTER. Complete the form off-line (i.e., on your computer) and return it to Denarius via email.


NOTE: If you participated in this survey last year, contact Denarius for a list of your organization's job matches and reported data to ease the participation process this year.

Administered by:

Denarius Human Resources, Inc.
4970 Westgate Court
Ann Arbor, MI 48103
Tel: 651.482.8606
Heather Lintner


Statement of Data Confidentiality

The objective of Denarius Human Resources' survey reports and all methods and procedures used to produce the reports, is to provide maximum information value without disclosing any information that could be specifically associated with an individual survey participant.


All survey data submitted by participants for surveys conducted by Denarius Human Resources is provided on the basis that the data confidentiality of each participant will be fully protected at all times.


Protection of confidentiality extends to compensation data reported and to any kind of observation or form of analysis that could serve to identify a company with its data to an experienced person.

Denarius Human Resources' summary of anti-trust guidelines.